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Contrary to Generation Y beliefs, The original Box On Wheels was a Volkswagen Type II Transporter a.k.a VW Bus or VW Microbus. Produced in 1949/50 - 1967 (as the split windshield version) It is an icon of Americana. One of the slowest production vehicles of the 20th century, slow has never been nor will ever be so cool.
"Box On Wheels" was a popular Southern California VW Bus Club, based out of the San Gabriel area.
Box On Wheels was a reference to a bread box, which the VW looked very similar to.

The transporter was nothing more than a box on wheels.

The Box on Wheels Club will be sponcering todays car show.

by bluheadted May 26, 2006
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1) Hummer2 - the original box on wheels

2) Honda Element - The ugliest box on wheels I have ever seen in my life

3) Scion xB - aka, the Scion Toaster. my personal favorite of all the boxes on wheels
1) omg I have to spend $100 a week on gas on this thing?!?

2) "why does everyone vomit when I drive past them?"

3) look at it. It seriously looks like a toaster.
by o(>.<)-o August 17, 2005
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