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When a dick/dildo/object reaches as far as it can in the area/hole/whatever they're penetrating.
When Wade bottomed out, Peter moaned in pure pleasure
by holland-stan January 21, 2018
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The act of entering a vagina whose depth is too shallow to accomodate the penis, thus resulting in said penis hitting the cervix. This, "bottoming out", results in much uncomfortability in the receiving woman.
GirlsFriendFromLastNight: Oh my god how was your date last night?

BottomedOutGirl: It was great up until about 4am. We had dinner, drank a shit load, but when we had sex he bottomed out!

GirlsFriendFromLastNight: Damn girl! Once you saw that dick of his you should have told him about that shallow pussy of yours!
by BottomedOutGirl13 August 01, 2011
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When your having sex, And you go as deep as you can go untill her body touches down to your lower abdomen. This making a slapping noise.
I went so deep in her, I Bottomed out.
by Spook000 December 26, 2006
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Used as a way to describe the experience a person has with an air bed. As in the airbed is so deflated that your ass is touching the ground while attempting to sleep on it.
Hey man how was your air bed last night? "Aww man it was good the first few hours but then at like 4 AM I bottomed out."
by aaron_768 March 13, 2007
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You have bottomed out when you sit down in a port-a john and the mound of shit and paper is so high that your ass and sometimes your junk touches the top of the pile. This usually happens during high risk activities like sitting on the seat of a port-a-john in the dark.
I had to shit so bad that I didn't look in the hole before sitting down-I bottomed out! I knew it was a going to be a bad day when I felt that mushy mound of shit connect with my ass hole and balls!
by Da Rooster July 03, 2010
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