When a dick/dildo/object reaches as far as it can in the area/hole/whatever they're penetrating.
When Wade bottomed out, Peter moaned in pure pleasure
by holland-stan January 21, 2018
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When your having sex, And you go as deep as you can go untill her body touches down to your lower abdomen. This making a slapping noise.
I went so deep in her, I Bottomed out.
by Spook000 December 27, 2006
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To "bottom out" is when one is having sex and the penis reaches the cervix, or the top part of the vagina, and can go no deeper. This can be referred to as "bottoming out," or in the past tense as "bottomed out."

It can be either painful or pleasurable, depending on the girl and how extreme the bottoming out is.
Man, I was fucking this chick last night and she told me to stop cause my dick was so big I was bottoming out on her.
by ponnor September 26, 2012
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Known to happen to those of us with low-riding vehicles when we underestimate a speed bump or curb and --*eeeeesh!*-- end up momentarily having the speed bump or cub bump up kinda hard against the tender underbelly of our vehicle.

This term has another, newer, meaning though and of course it's a sex one.

"Bottoming-out" in bed is also when a woman is straddling her male partner and, only when her partner has a long-ish member, she tries to go deep and rest herself on top of his hips but *-eeeeesh!-* it's too long and the tender underbelly (her cervix or just the dead end of her birth canal, so-to-speak) is bumped kinda hard up against by the aforementioned member.

Women make the same exact face when either happens.

I'm a little bit sore this morning after bottoming-out a few times last night with Ryan, dude. Eeesh!
by Caryl-Anne Maybe May 7, 2021
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1. When the penis or other intrument used in a vagina, hits the back wall and can not go in any furthur.
2. To reach an end or back of the vagina.
My cock is so big that I bottom out in all but the skankiest whores or fat chicks.
by bot-tom ewt May 7, 2003
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The act of entering a vagina whose depth is too shallow to accomodate the penis, thus resulting in said penis hitting the cervix. This, "bottoming out", results in much uncomfortability in the receiving woman.
GirlsFriendFromLastNight: Oh my god how was your date last night?

BottomedOutGirl: It was great up until about 4am. We had dinner, drank a shit load, but when we had sex he bottomed out!

GirlsFriendFromLastNight: Damn girl! Once you saw that dick of his you should have told him about that shallow pussy of yours!
by BottomedOutGirl13 August 2, 2011
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Verb. The action of a penis exceeding the maxim depth of said-bottom, usually results in a pelvic organ prolapse.
Charles was thoroughly bottoming out James causing his hole to bloom into a rose bud.
by gdiz916 February 6, 2018
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