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One of, pertaining to, or manifesting exceptional unresponsiveness, idiocy, or absurdity.

The word "Botkin" and corresponding root "Botkin-" are used to express these sentiments:

Botkinism - a phrase or action which shows unresponsiveness, idiocy, or absurdity.

Botkinesque, Botkinistic, (less used) Botkinlike - of or pertaining to a botkinism or a botkinistic act.

The word "Botkin" is believed to have originated from a previous term, "Batkhan," but has since been converted to a more phonetic spelling; it has distinctly Proto-Indo-European roots, though it has been difficult to pinpoint the exact branch of the language group from whence it stems.
Daniel was being really slow today in Math class; what a Botkin!

-Today I crashed into a parked car.
-That was very Botkinesque of you.

Today Daniel said a true Botkinism: he claims that Oslo is the capital of Italy.
by The Lamb of Death January 13, 2005
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to never have a dull moment, lives life in phases, rarely showers or takes care of teeth. eats milk for dinner most of the time however, hamburger is a favorite too, almost nightly.
"well i smell a botkins"
"yea me to omg thats gross"
by Sara Steelman October 13, 2009
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