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Boston's pro hockey team. Fowards: Bergeron, Campbell, Horton, Kelly, Krejci, Lucic, Marchand, Paille, Peverley, Recci, Ryder, Savard, Seguin, Thorton. Defensemen: Bartkowski, Boychuk, Chara, Ference, Hnidy, Kaberle, Kampfer, McQuaid, Seidenberg. Goalies: Thomas, Rask.
The Boston Bruins are taking home the cup this year.
by Bruins2011 May 21, 2011
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The best team in the NHL. Caught a lot of shit for trading away a playoff bum and a dangler, but they got Marco Sturm for it and he's a badass. Now they have Blake Wheeler, Milan Lucic, Patrice Bergeron, and David Krejci who will lead the Bruins to glory for years to come. Tim Thomas keeps proving people wrong every night. Don't fuck with Zdeno Chara. Oh, and Lucic will fucking kick your ass and then check you through the glass.
The Boston Bruins kick ass. Lucic is the biggest badass in the NHL.
by FlattopFinney December 05, 2008
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Drafted a bunch of new players. Pretty promising new young goalie joey, many new forward, a few defensive players. Some forwards including henrick gibovochski, mieal longobsty, and jimmy wrighten. In the next two years this team will be brilliant and predicted to win a cup. Overall awesome national hockey league team.
the best team in the nhl would have to be the boston bruins
by bruins21 March 07, 2011
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the greatest sports team in all of history. many people perceive this team to be dirty because of their physical play, but in reality, they play the game the way it was meant to be played. this team is consistently talented and hard-working.
the boston bruins bring so much joy to bruins fans and despair to fans of other nhl teams.
by hawkey37 June 20, 2015
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Used to be a great NHL team with a great rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens. Now sucks so much that even Habs fans are starting to cut them some slack. Somehow, some poor excuse for a human decided it was a good idea to exchange by far their best player( Joe Thornton who leads the NHL in assists ) for a bunch of nobodies. Currently, the Bruins are battling it out with the oh so powerful Columbus Blue Jackets to avoid being in the bottom 5. That coming from the team which ended last season at the top of their division on top of that. How far the mighty Bruins have fallen.
The Boston Bruins lose in overtime more often than any other team in the league. We should teach them that losing in overtime is still nowhere near as good winning the actual game. Embarassingly enough, the Bruins are part of the Original Six... At least, they're still better than the Blackhawks.
by Dr.Cain April 14, 2006
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A bunch of faggotz with sticks. They blow each other on the bench, and eat out marchand and suck on his tiddies.
That guy with the dick in his mouth is such a Boston Bruins.
by FUCKTHEBRUINS June 10, 2019
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