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boston beatdown is not FSU. boston beatdown is merely a film company and made a documentary about FSU, Friends Stand United, and how they (violently) spread their views with society.
by jenifer sleaze. February 21, 2007
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Basically BB is a site that originated in Boston, dedicated to the local hardcore scene. From Boston Beatdown came bands such as Blood for Blood, and is the homegrounds for FSU crew.
adfasf Boston BeatDowns the shit
by steez November 30, 2004
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sooooooooooo gay. a bunch of jocks with suressed homo-urges fighting people
by NIGGA April 06, 2005
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To get a wooden bat signed by ALL of the 1962 Boston red sox and beat a bitches pumpum to a pulp with it.
Karen was being such a twat last night that I had to give her a boston beat down.
by C.C. Deville September 01, 2007
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When you shit in a brown paper bag, then heat it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds then commence to beat a bitch over the head with it.
This bitch acted up after the club last night so when she woke up this morning at my crib a gave her the good ol Boston Beatdown. Funkin hoe teach her to get fussy drunk with my gansta ass!!!
by J FUNK & KANX 1 June 29, 2006
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i bunch of grown men who think that the way to "stick it to the man." or "destroy the goverment." Is to start a gan beat up teenage boys, and women who clearly werent doing anything and video tape it and make a DVD.
Last month they killed women cuz they beat her to death.
by BNrizzle April 27, 2005
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