The act of a Mexican jumping the United States border in hope of escaping Mexico and beating the Olympic High Jump record
Kyle is excellent at border hopping, he has gone across and back over fifteen times, only being caught by Trump twice.
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Switching from a girls ass to her vagina while having sex.
Like Canadians hop into America, John was border hopping kell all last night.
by invaderzimmballsdeep69 March 28, 2011
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A prank originating in Maryland to be performed during sexual intercourse.

-A girl, preferably one who is willing to have sex with you.
-A friend
-A room with a closet and a window.

Step 1: Make your friend hide in the closet.
Step 2: Convince the girl to have sex with you while looking out the window.
Step 3: During intercourse, the friend silently comes out from the closet and you switch with him. Unbeknownst to her, your friend is now having sex with the girl.
Step 4: Go outside, in view of the window, and wave at your girl.
It is quite likely that performing the California Border Hop will put your friend's penis will soon be in peril and his face may soon have a red hand mark imprinted on it.
by thiswasforthelulz August 13, 2009
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