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A town in the 08505 area code of South/Central Jersey.
The town itself is small, but usually the teenagers don't stay there anyway. Consists of a few small delis, a township, and a smaller city dating back to George Washington's time.

The girls in the high school get sluttier every year, while the boys of BRHS (Bordentown Regional High School) get shorter.

Usually everyone who lives in Bordentown has lived there their entire life, no matter how much everyone says they hate it.

It's the best town to live in due to it's close proximity to Trenton, Hamilton, Philly, and NY.
Girl: You live in Bordentown?!
Boy: Yeah, I hate it.

20 years later

Girl: You still live in Bordentown?!
Boy: Yeah, I moved back here after college because its where all my friends and family live still.
by knuckleupbitch February 16, 2010
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One of the shittiest towns in the country. Seriously, no hot girls for miles.
Ella: Oh, you live in Jersey? Where at?
Carolyn: ...Bordentown. *sighs*
Ella: That's cool--
Carolyn: SERIOUSLY, NO, it's not.
by Michelangelo! October 29, 2009
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