an expression used when someone is destroyed by a verbal smack down. brought to us by ali G& characterized by a snap on the fingers.

by 916 baller March 18, 2009
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1. a quick exclamation used when one has owned, pwned, shanked, kicked the crap out of, or mentally abused someone followed immediately by a quick snap of the fingers.

2. see above for definition
Ex.1) "Dude, you just got owned by that guy...BOOYAKASHA! (snap)
by georgetti December 17, 2007
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booyakasha is an african term that means, "all death to the whites," that is the literal translation of it, and dont bother contesting it because you are wrong
there is no example for the use of this word
by matt September 21, 2004
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Meaning pretty damn cool, wicked, awesome or agreeing with some-one
Guy 1: That party was awesome
Guy 2: Booyakasha
by FuckItLikeYouOwnIt June 11, 2008
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booyakasha does infact mean kill the white man,
but ali g
contrary to common belief does not use the word Booyakasha to mean this.
ali g uses booyakasha, as a term for his home county BERKSHIRE.
staines is part of berkshire, hence 'da west staines massive'
can be used as a greeting
ali g:Booyakasha
Ricky C: 'ello
or as a term for berkshire

ali g: i is going back to da ghetto booyakasha
by andy_mccabe August 20, 2004
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