The act of surprising an unsuspecting enemy by preparing your erect, throbbing pride moments before charging them and unleashing a fiery blast of your revenge against their cranium. It is not required to leap from, say, a balcony in a theater to elude capture but is extremely recommended as the contact splatter of your man juice is guaranteed to illicit a strong primitive response.
From the lowest of low to the Commander-in-Cheif, no man is safe from getting Booth'd.
by RiceCake March 5, 2012
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A failed free throw attempt during a game of office cubical basketball. A shot that is performed when a cube monkey jumps in the air and manually powers a waded paper ball through the air towards towards a waste paper basket, only to have it miss completely.

The term "Booth'd It" was coined by a Technical Support team in the year 2013, prior it was simply called "fail"
"Ooooooh John booth'd it!"
"But Booth now makes all his shots?"
"Ya but John just BOOOOTH'D it!! SNAAAAP!"
by SicJake October 23, 2013
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