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Verb - to throw up after excessively drinking then continuing to party and drink more.
Did you see that one girl Boot and Rally and act like no one saw her?
by J-Roddy November 30, 2010
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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v. drink lots, blow the chunks, come to and drink some more

see drink
see puke
see drink
Damn, that ho can really pound the schwigs! laterDamn, that biatch is back in action! I can't believe Carn is getting on that shit. Way to boot and rally!
by Dave December 05, 2002
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To throw up after excessively drink then continuing to party and drink more
He had to go boot and rally after drinking 8 Smirnoff ices and a brick now the party will never end.
by Broshambo September 11, 2010
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Boot and rally is a derivative of Reboot and Rally. First coined in the mid-oughts by DJ's Seth Collins and Axel Arce in an all-you-can-drink nightclub in Tijuana. The duo went on to use the name as a production alias in a limited number of dance releases.
I'm feeling ill. I'm gonna' reboot and rally.
by rebootnrally May 02, 2017
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