A referance to a females butt, ass, or whatever tickles your pickle
That girls jeans were so tight, her boonkis was impossible to not notice.
by JerryKurl January 08, 2012
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a girl will call a boy this when she doesn’t want to lose him ever again or doesn’t want to lose him in general. it’s like a boo but more because their love is way more stronger than just “boo”. this word being used shows more than just love it also shows a very strong affection. never let a girl go who calls you boonki their the one who wanna stay with you for a while. if they haven’t before trust me
bro 1 - “bro ally called me boonki last night”

bro 2 - “omg bro mbn she’s a keeper
by TannerTheLover September 23, 2019
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