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A boonch originates from the rare, non-existent horny honking boonch, a bird related to the goose.

Boonch describes any annoying, bitchy, creepy, slutty, or generally disliked person.

Note: Sometimes used as a casual, friendly greeting.

Common uses of the word include:
Boonchy, Boonchy 'tude, raunchy boonch, honking boonch, etc.
"I bumped into her in the hallway and she mean-mugged me."
"What a honking boonch."
by alaxdankn January 06, 2010
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Someone that is a combination of a butch and a wench. Usually used towards nasty fat assed shitty bitch women.
Damn yo, I got hella drunk off my ass and boned some nasty boonch.

You fucking boonch!
by Andrew the Android August 23, 2008
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