A member of the baby boomer generation who is as cool as he or she can possibly be, given the constraints of his or her age.
Wow, look at Jack and Juls shake it! They're real boomsters.
by PetPilot January 10, 2015
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A smug, arrogant and self-serving individual. This person puts himself above all and would throw his wife or kids under the bus to his benefit. Typically this type of person holds himself in very high regard oblivious to the negative views people have of him. This person professes to be almost Godly but has never given a second to help others.
Listen to him talk sitting in the front row of church, he has no idea that people think he's such a waste of space, what a boomster.
by Uncle Morrie April 17, 2018
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An older hipster that likes to stay in the "it crowd" (their words)
That old person's following another lame trend? What a boomster.
by WittyFath3r July 17, 2021
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