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A derivative of Chitown. A lawless area on the southside of Chicago inhabited by Shines where multiple shootings are a daily occurrence.
Lets visit Chicago this weekend but we want to make sure we stay far away from Shitown so we don't get shot.
by Uncle Morrie May 4, 2017
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A smug, arrogant and self-serving individual. This person puts himself above all and would throw his wife or kids under the bus to his benefit. Typically this type of person holds himself in very high regard oblivious to the negative views people have of him. This person professes to be almost Godly but has never given a second to help others.
Listen to him talk sitting in the front row of church, he has no idea that people think he's such a waste of space, what a boomster.
by Uncle Morrie April 17, 2018
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A jobless African American that lives off the government, tends to be extremely lazy and commits periodic crimes.
Look at that coonsman slowly crossing the street with his pants falling down and drinking a Colt 45!

That coonsman sitting at the bar just left and did not pay his bill!

Some damn coonsman just knocked me down and stole my wallet!

Hey Jeff, look over there, a coonsman is robbing the bank!

Did you see the wedding party? There was a coonsman groomsman and he just stole the limo!
by Uncle Morrie November 19, 2012
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