A particular weird type of assert that obsesses people of a particular generation. Enthusiasts of this investment evangelically promote it to other people to pump up the value of their portfolio, but it is a risky game for newcomers. The total supply of the asset is fixed. There is no chance that newcomers can buy at the crazy cheap prices of the earlier generation. If you buy in now, you will need to concentrate your savings in highly leveraged and risky investment. But you mention this fact to the enthusiast and they simply continue to boomersplain it to you. Yes, we are talking about *real estate*.
You young people think the crypto crash is new and exciting. But we have been crashing the real estate market for decades. You could say that mortgages are boomer bitcoin.

— My uncle just bought a second holiday house in Thailand and his kids are paying him rent on the family home.
— I know right? He’s going to HODL that boomer bitcoin.
— Yeah bro! And he keeps on trying to get me to invest in these weird mortgages I haven’t even heard of and can’t afford.
— Don’t worry, we’ll get property one day I guess, if we can get to the moon

— Oh man aunt Joanne wants me to invest in a condominium with her.
— Bro! Steer clear of that boomer bitcoin.
by Autocatfishing April 13, 2023
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a bitcoin "enthusiast" that is easily triggered by the mention (or mere existence) of any alternative crypto coins, because they see these as competition and a threat to bitcoin. They are unwilling to accept the fact that other coins can exist, and perceive their existence as an insult because bitcoin was the first (and what they consider the only) cryptocurrency and that all others are copycats, "scams" or otherwise "shit". They claim bitcoin was the best financial instrument invented in the last 1000 years, while also claiming that nothing better could ever possibly come along in the future.

They are called "boomers" not because of their age, but instead because of their holier-than-thou attitude towards others, and their belief that they've been part of the crypto currency scene long enough to declare themselves an authority on all things finance (even if a latecomer to bitcoin). They are also sometimes referred to as a Bitcoin Maximalist and/or Bitcoin Cultist.
Pete: "There's bitcoin, and then there's shitcoin."
Jane: "OK, bitcoin boomer."
by AL Katraz July 17, 2021
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