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People who think like boomers and are extremely ignorant about everything.

A good way to spot someone with a boomer brain is if they are perfectly fine with heavily drinking and smoking a pack a day multiple times a week but will literally go on a mad rant about how weed or psychedelics make people insane or lazy when someone smokes weed a couple times a month or drops acid every few months. In elections will vote the same party as their boomer parents without actually looking into what the candidates stand for. Will get mad and are willing to fight over someone bantering with them. Think that the only way to succeed in life is to go to university and anyone who doesn't is fucked for life (but ironically end up in debt and working at KFC for life).

Boomer Brains typically are between the ages of 16 and 30 and will usually spend their life thinking just like their parents, working a shitty mundane job until they die at 60 from alcohol poisoning.
Boomer Brain: So what did you do this weekend?
"Went to a party with a couple of mates"
Boomer Brain: Oh yeah did you guys get fucked up?
"Nah not really, we just got baked and chilled upstairs watching trailer park boys"
Boomer Brain: (As they're smoking their 20th cigarette that day) Dude that's fucked, you know that people die and go crazy from that right? *Continue to lecture person for the next 10 minutes about drugs*

Who are you voting for?
Boomer Brain: *Political Party*
Oh really, why's that?
Boomer Brain: I dunno, my parents vote for them.
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by dnE geL August 25, 2019
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