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An expression of appreciation or an exclamation of enthusiasm for something. Plays on the idea of the joy one gets from delivering a fatal gunshot wound to a foe. Has it's origins from Jamaican immigrants to Great Britain who use it as a sound byte when performing as a vocalist over neo-modern quazi-urban musical stylings. Similar to bumbaclot, perhaps has the opposite intended meaning.
I was dancing in the clubbing establishment with my close aquaintances, when a most agreeable bass line was dropped by the record jockey. I did exclaim 'Boom Fatal, that sound is off the proverbial chain!'
by Sir Crumpet July 25, 2008
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An expression or interjection of delight or appreciation, considered the polar opposite of bumbaclot. It has no direct meaning but rather alludes to the pleasure derived from shooting someone fatally. (Jamaican origin, popular usage within England's jamaican community)
Oi oi! Dat new riddim outa dem djs bonz and oshroom iz Boom Fatal
by Sexychildtoucher July 13, 2008
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