A weird monster that hides in dark places
a leet mIRC scripter
^both me
Wingx: w00t boogyman you'r leet!
by Robrecht Colson February 14, 2004
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You're a fuckin nightmare. Good riddance and goodbye. I take back all the shit I gave you, and all the fuckin money too.
Girl: Hey baby! How are you? What you been up to???

Guy: ..... Just working .....

Girl: That's it huh? Well we should get together then.

Guy: Um I can't do anything too broke.

Girl: Well lets just hang out then.

Guy: I'm too broke!

Girl: OK what's up?

Guy:.....that it.

Girl: Ya right. Tell me the truth. Boogyman
by shuga me June 29, 2010
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A New England Patriot's defensive player that sometimes shows up to game, then scares the shit out of you the next week as he gets burned on coverage.
Van Noy Boogyman'ed us this week and we lost to a bum team
by Sony Michel Suck And Blows January 9, 2022
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You must be sitting in a chair, straight up. A girl is on her knees giving you head, while giving you a head massage. If you take away the chair, and the dude, it looks like the girl is the boogyman, with her hands up and her mouth bobbing.

boogyman boogy jeff k jeffhead man chair seat oral oral sex head massage
"Hey there Jason, what was meaghan doing to you last night when we were watching that movie?"

" Oh yah, she was just giving me The Boogyman."

"Nice man, thats why she was creeping the fuck out of me."
by CAMAND0R JEFREY February 5, 2009
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A mythical, scary creature that the GOP will drag out and scare the public with every election year from now on. Very much a real threat, but hyped to rediculousness by fear mongering polititions whose only real fear is that you'll realise they're full of shit and vote for the other guy.
The Al Qaeda boogyman will kill all of us if you don't elect a courageous retardlican to protect us from now on.
by chefspot May 19, 2006
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you're fucking a girl in the butt you act like you're done and she turns around and you cum in her face. and than you shout out boogyman
'last night i boogyman that hoe in the eye and she screamed and said "aww you boogymanned me."
by chris leabhart November 30, 2009
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