1. vb- the act of placing one's face in the sumptuous bosom of a female lady, (or in the concealed pot belly of a man)then shaking one's head from side to side whilst proclaiming "booooooooodle-booodle-boodle" in childish voice, ostensibly for the mild sexual gratification of one or other of the parties involved.

2. n- a performance of the above act. Adminstered under similar cicumstances to a hug.
"Does nobody wuv poor wittle you? Come here and let me boodle you..."
by raguel March 25, 2003
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When something costs a unreasonable amount of money..
How much is that car repair gonna cost? It's gonna cost boodles!!! WTF am I a CEO?
by foofoojew January 19, 2012
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to make love to one's lover, tenderly, slowly, langorously
After last night, sweetie, all I want to do is boodle you today
by Lanny January 04, 2004
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the cute, girly way of saying " i have to shit"
wendy stood up from her desk and said "i'll be back guy's i have to boodle"
by RECEE June 15, 2007
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Boodle(noun)- a person place or thing that happens to be insane. Challenged but funny. Halarious to beat up cause they just keep laughing. Sometimes used to call someone a cute name such as a boy/girlfriend. The friend in the group that is always yelling random shit to make everyone else pee their pants.
"hey you know caitlin?"
"yeah....shes such a boodle"
"Goodnight my boodle doodle mcfoodle oodle shoedle foodle moodle :) i oodle you <3"

(group of kids walking to store)
kid 1: "WEINERS IN MY BUTT!!!!"
other kids: "oh my god! hahahahhaahaha your the biggest boodle!!!"
by laxgrlalways September 30, 2010
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Instead of placing water into the noodles you replace it with beer and cook the noodles in beer causing the making of boodles
Tyree: oh boy I'm bout to make ramen noodles
Drew: I don't have water, let's put beer in

by Drunk teenager on the block February 22, 2016
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1. Half an oodle
2. Money
"Did you get oodles of snow up there?"
"No we got boodles.
by Savanny the Tranny February 27, 2009
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