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A play on the word Bukkake, used to describe ejaculating on a partner's face in situations when more discretion may be needed, such as work, school, church, etc.
When I asked Erin if she would like some boocake, she was intrigued, yet completely unaware that she would resemble a glazed doughnut by the end of the night.
by Pork.Chop.Express May 26, 2008
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someone you find to be attractive,and entertaining. This is usually the nickname you give your bestfriend, or someone who you really truely adore.
hey boocake! what it do?
by RuBiCs June 10, 2008
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Nickname given to a sweetheart of the female sex by a sweetheart of the female sex. (Bisexuals,Lesibans)
Im Missing My Boocakes.
by SuckmyLick14 June 25, 2011
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