(1) Slang for "asshole."
(2) For those into literary allusions, slang for "asshole."
(3) Southern colloquialism for "asshole."
I was having a hard time getting there, but then I touched her Boo Radley's Hidey Hole, and I was done.
by Apple Clis August 18, 2019
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A weak emotional male who seeks. constant attention and validation. Always suspects others of plotting against him while never having evidence of such plots. Weeps while playing bob Dylan. Favorite phrase: Fuck off or FO for short
Hey guys crank up the Dylan and break out some tissues, Boo Radley has arrived.
by Stevie Knickers October 18, 2021
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A guy with a nice ass partnered with a big dong. Sometimes buff.
“Wow, that guy has an incredible dong! He’s a real Boo Radley!”
by BooRadley3400 November 23, 2021
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