When something has gone wrong, is very bad or most disagreeable.
"I got caught with the vicar's wife again Alex."
"Oh Boo Hiss."

"I have Aids."
"That is mucho Boo Hiss!"

"And United have scored!!"
"Boo!!!! Hiss!!!!"
by Halit May 4, 2006
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a substitue word for fuck.. you use it when you stub your toe instead of yelling FUCK!! you yell BOO-HISS!! or if your mose is attacking your hand you yell boo-hiss the angrier you are thefaster you yell it.. but you cant say *that girl is boo-hissing ugly*.. no that just doesnt work.
boo-hiss i just saw quinn's buccaneer!!
by bethany December 26, 2005
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Used by fans at sporting events to respectfully let referees know that the pervious call was horseshit. Will not get fans kicked out of games and clearly expresses what you think of the call. Can be used with Outrage.
At a soccer game, the referee fails to call a clear foul. Fans quickly yell “ Boo Hiss” followed-up by “Outrage”.
by Claypot2 September 17, 2023
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