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A doughnut that's been on my boner.
What's better than a donut? It's a Bonut.
What's a Bonut you ask? It's a donut that's been on my Boner.
Who's my Boner?
It's me Danny Laduke.
by Nate Tectonics May 03, 2006
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Donuts similar to being done in a car, but in a boat.
Dude, my 14 foot skiff can do some sweet bonuts!
by Forrest Andrews October 03, 2005
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A "bonut" is when you stick your penis through the hole of a donut.

A "blownut" is when you get a blowjob whilst sticking your dick through a donut.
"I just made a bonut!"

"If I stick my dick through it too we can make it a bronut!"

"Y'know Stacy? She just gave me a blownut!"
by PingPongChingChongDingDong October 22, 2018
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Donut from the Icelandic grocery, Bonus (their own brand), they are topped with chocolate.
1) What is that sticky, brown thing you have there?
2) It's a bonut, wanna taste?
1) naah
by gregory stone May 15, 2011
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(Bonus-Doughnut) The act of going to a large store, (i.e. safeway, albertson's) and buying an inexpensive doughnut as an excuse to steal one or more things, usually a pack of gum and/or condoms.
Tim: Fuck dude, my girl wants to bang and i'm out of condoms, let's head to safeway and grab a bonut real quick.

Carl: For sure man! I'll snag some gum while we're at it!
by Literally_Awful February 12, 2015
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