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A Bonus dad is a man who helps his girlfriend or wife co-parent her children from another man. Bonus dads wipe butts, read bedtime stories, pull splinters out of tiny fingers, cook, go to Little League games, endure minigolf, craft, and do all the other things that birth fathers do during their time with the kids. Generally bonus dads have a cordial relationship with the birth dad and joins in at birthday parties and big events. Bonus dads and the corresponding birth dad approach co-parenting from the belief that a kids can't have too many people who love them in their lives.
Bonus dad: a man who married your mom, the man who protects& defends you, is prouder than hell of you, and loves you like your his own,unconditionaly, not because he has to, but because he wants to.
by Bonus mom September 03, 2016
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