Bong engineer, a creater of bongs and other smoking paraphernalia.
Dude, this bong is awsome. Your quite the bongineer
by smokie-toke April 30, 2011
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The first time you take a rip on a bong.
Guy 1: have you ever smoked out of a bong?
Girl 1: no, can you show me how?
Guy 1: I'd love to take your bonginity!
by RemDog January 19, 2014
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Bonginator is a small red nissan car that is full of bong smokers (mobile pot station) and goes around smoking pot and when goes around corner makes a very loud sound "VROOM'VOOM' NINININ" the car also has sexy mag wheels which are probably the most expensive thing on the car.
Example 1: VROOM INNINI MARA inward.
Example 2: Bong smokers.
Example 3: Mag Wheels.
Example 4: Bonginator.
by theonedrummer834 March 24, 2013
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A way to express your self when something is not what you expected/something to say in a good situation.
ex.1 That party's going to be bongin!
ex.2 Your so bongin!
by The G-Ster January 1, 2009
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Dude last weekend was so crazy, I found this smokin chick and we went bongin' and slongin'!
by evilsatar August 4, 2010
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"Yo did you see Rick behind school yesterday"
"Yeah he was totally bongin out"
by Weed420 September 21, 2013
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