A stand alone word used to convey an overt sexual, awesome feeling. Best applied as a one word sentence mixed in with standard conversation.
I went to the store today with Laura. We got lots of groceries. Bonaire. We even got some ice cream.
by God of the Kitchen February 5, 2010
Something you get when you are really excited or a code name for the word boner
Dude whats that in your pants is that your phone oh never mind its just your fat ass BONAIR
by Nannek April 23, 2009
Prounounced "bone-air". An arousal that originates from a strong desire to eat a donair. An urge that can only be sated by the consumption of a donair.
"Yo Jules, I've got a mean bonair."

"Yeah Dort, me too. Lets go to Famous King and stuff our mouths with 2 large donairs"
by Malcor, Destroyer of Worlds November 21, 2008
French for an erection.

Aka the Eyeful Tower, Tour de Lance and the French Connection.
When she came on to me, I gave her de bonair and soon returned the favor.
by enzo_gee November 26, 2007
This term originates from the thick white donair sauce, but instead, is referencing thick white boner sauce (I.e. make ejaculate).
Girl: I’d like some extra bonair sauce please

Guy: Cumming right up ;)
by CutiePrincess69 August 4, 2022
It’s a donair from busters pizza and donair(canadian chain)
Yo bro let’s go feast on some Bonair’s!
by Raccoon sodimizer July 5, 2022