A word to describe something that is amazing. Such as awesome, ill, sick, sweet, dank, etc.
That sandwhich at the deli was the bombest.
by DJSRL April 26, 2012
A different way to say the bomb. Used to discribe, like 'best'.
He makes the bombest hamburgers ever.
She is the bombest snowboarder on the mountain.
by Barb9 September 18, 2006
my dog is the bombest
by cris December 21, 2003
Adjoa SinBad has a BOMBEST
by KevinKorbs September 3, 2022
a bunch of sluts coming together, as one.
the bombest illmatix is the greatest band ever. and the sluttiest.
by Slutz October 16, 2003
How good are matt's breakfast burritos? The bomb? Bomb dot com? Or most bomb?

They are in fact, da bombest.
by TheIvoryDisaster November 5, 2020
When your in the Oklahoma HEAT Cycling around Okc ..
I just found the bombest clear I think I might have ever had ever.
by Nate Jimmy John W... June 5, 2020