Phrase used to describe something completely badass or awesome. Can be used to describe how cool something is, or as a compliment. Bomb as fuck is the ultimate word.

It can also be abbreviated as "BAF" for short
"That food was bomb as fuck"

"That shit was bomb as fuck"

"That weed we smoked was bomb as fuck"

"Frank is bomb as fuck"

"Mike's party was bomb as fuck"

"Connor rolls blunts that are bomb as fuck"

"There are only three guys that are bomb as fuck"

"We smoked a fat blunt, started munchin, and played Nazi Zombies till we passed out because we were stupid high.... that was night was bomb as fuck"
by restinpissnodoubt October 3, 2009
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When a guy fucks a woman so hard she feels like she is blowing up inside.
Tom: I bomb fucked Shirley last night.
Bill: Huh?
Tom: She told me that I fucked her so good she felt like her insides were exploding.
by vigil_09 January 27, 2009
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A sexual position, in which the male stands atop a dresser or some piece of furniture as a wrestler would perch hisself on a turn buckle.

Then, while fully erect -- he frog splashes in and onto the woman.
Lianne wanted something new in the bedroom. So I gave her the Bomb Fuck.
by TomKVideo December 29, 2009
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