A middle school in Cuyahoga Falls. Everyone thinks they're badass because they get in fights and are high like 99% of the time.
Everyone talks about how they want to go to Roberts Middle School because our teachers suck. Almost everyone is fake. The girls are whores & the guys are players. But ironically 75% of the students are ugly.
Kid ; Where do you go to school?
Other Kid ; Bolich. D:
Kid ; Well that sucks for your ass.
by BolichStudent January 2, 2012
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When you are going to go to a buffet you consume at least a half gallon of Apple Juice. The resulting wild diarrhea will allow you to consume at least one extra plate of warm ham and gravy.
Ryan- Man, I didn't want to get screwed at the Golden Corral so I boliched.
Adam-How many plates did you get down?
Ryan-One every time I shat, so...8 plates.
by D. Russ B. November 10, 2007
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Hoy voy a jugar boliche con mis amigos
by Guill January 6, 2008
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spanish word for dance club
My friends in Argentina get to go to the boliche every Friday and Saturday, I get to do my homework!
by Sara W. July 31, 2006
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