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Cuyahoga Falls is one of the whitest suburbs in ohio. It is known to have a large variety of Wiggers and to get into many fights with its rival Stow. Cuyahoga falls is also known as; C-falls, Pharmacy Falls, White Mans Hood and caucasian falls. Many people think there a bad but with the police no one ever really does anything. Some good things about Cuyahoga falls is its River Front, Natatorium, weed, and ice skating rink. It's a safe place to live uless your visiting from Stow or Springsfeild (then you might get beat up) Cuyahoga Falls has a ver impressive school spirit. And has some Crazy weather patterns.
A Stow Billy's bout to get beat if he shows his face in Cuyahoga Falls!
by Tiff G. November 19, 2010
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A large culturally diverse suburb of Akron, Ohio. Known to the natives as C-Falls, Caucasian Falls, Cocaine falls, Pharmacy Falls, Angry White Man's Town, Dirtball Falls, and The White man's Hood. This city has both a high class and a low class with drugs and racism bringing the two together. However this city is safe, very little actual violence happens. "Gangs" are a bunch of pussy-ass high-school wiggers who talk mad shit and do nothing about it. It is known for its legendary marijuana, broad selection of prescription drugs, and it's non-existent police force. There are NO cops. Overall a famous, glorified, predominantly white, shithole. Also the bitter enemy of Stow.
I went down to Cuyahoga Falls for some good flame, got a half of some seedless stemless Maui Wowie.
by CuMtItS November 02, 2010
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It's a city in Ohio, and it's pretty much filled with white people. Everyone's racists/republican. We've had the same mayor since the eighties because who else would wanna run this city?
It has a river, that pretty much just sits here. Being useless. And almost everyone there is fake. One thing that is odd out CF is that there's waaaay to much school spirit...and our football team sucks, seriously. Everyone's high all the time. Because that makes us seem cool. And everyone who lives in 'cauga' falls thinks people in Silver Lake are rich...because the houses there cost like 400,000 conclusion. It's probably the best city in the world.<3 Everyone should move here.<33
You live in Cuyahoga Falls? You must be white!
by A girl, who lives in CFO.<3 April 29, 2011
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"Cawga" Falls - AKA - Caucasian Falls - Home of the largest population of white trash in Ohio - outside of the Portage Lakes area of Akron. Also known for schools that suck, kids with asthma who can't breathe because of air that stinks, homes that are foreclosed on, fat beer-belly women, police on EVERY corner that do nothing, family parties in the garage, the same politicians in power for a billion years.
"Eustis - brang me another beer out here in my nice Cuyahoga Falls gay-raaash for my baby shower, dang it"
by MMB May 02, 2012
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