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The official mascot of Purdue University operated by the Reamer Club. It is capable of travelling on the interstate. On game days it cruises the Purdue campus sounding its train horn.
Did you hear the Boilermaker Special this morning? Yes, it woke me up just in time to watch Purdue's football team beat IU yet again.
by pureliob March 05, 2010
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A sexual act in which one girl is used by various men in a "train" type of activity. All the men proceed to rapidly have sex with her one by one each yelling the typical train noise "WHOO WHOO."
"I wonder why that girl is lookin' so sore today."

"Oh man you didn't hear? The dudes from the first floor gave her a boilermaker special last night!"
by Skeezerblahblahblah October 15, 2006
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The act of shitting in a stranger's car and letting it simmer and boil on a hot summer's day
Dude, I was at the mall and watched some dude park his mini cooper and not lock it. Let's just say I gave it the old Boilermaker special
by 69ingpossums August 25, 2015
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