Worse than a Fuck Boy. A man who not only makes excuses for Donal Trump’s behavior while in office, but strives to be like him. Calls people Socialists who don’t agree with him. More than likely a Republican member of Congress or Senate. Someone who wants Trump to succeed in his attempted coup and wants to be like Trump.
Congressman MatkWayne Mullin used to be awesome. He worked out and ate lunch with Democrats. Now he’s just a Trump Boy.
by AnnieMarie2021 January 5, 2021
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a racist and sexist year 7 boy who has no friends and has a extremely small dick. He believes he is the coolest kid in the class and is the best at everything. He has poor grammar skills and low intelligence. He also eats tuna for lunch every day.
Girl: “Hi tuna boy
Friend: “omg tuna boy ew
Tuna boy: “who the fuck is tuna boy?!”
by .duckk March 11, 2022
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a boy who is in love with tuna. Loves Nike, in year 7, has extremely poor grammar skills and thinks everyone is a feminist
girl : “look it’s tuna boy
friend : “eww!”
tuna boy : “who the fuck is tuna boy?!”
by .duckk March 11, 2022
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the tunnel boys are a group of juvenile delinquents who explore any tunnel, building, roof, or ditch physically possibly to access. No security or fences can stop them. They will run your shit, fuck your bitch, and commit the most unusual & destructive crimes all while being absolutely shitface shlumped.
if you ever see a group of shady mofuckas posted at a grocery store, that’s the tunnel boys. And you already know damn well they boonked half the shlump that shitbox has to offer.
by chiefboy May 19, 2021
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A turtle bay boy is a Justin Beiber/ talk dark and Hanson type boy, will wear jeans and a nice shirt out or a fleece top and probably enjoys playing golf and will always send emojis in a message like a year 8.

Radiates major fuck boy vibes though but gets away with it by having a cute smile
“He’s so cute I wanna get his number”
“Careful with him...proper turtle bay boy vibes
by Etrap July 26, 2020
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A bitch ass nigga who doesn’t pull at all, gay asf and sucks mad dick and stay crying like a little pussy he is
by TYLERISAGAYBOY August 1, 2022
said by Conner Temple Tv.

He Called Me Dumb
"Wheres the Gc" "U Dumb As Hell Boy"
by fouledanchors June 23, 2022
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