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Bog Hunter

The pain and itchyness caused by not wiping your arse properly steadily increases to a point where you can no longer resist grinding your fingers through your trousers and underpants in desperate need to gain relief.

People who do this are known as Bog Hunters as they are in desperate search for the shit stain that is causing the pain. A tell tale clue to a Bog Hunter is an almost continous supply of heavily skid marked underpants
Phil's mother remarked "wipe your arse properly you massive Bog Hunter I'm sick of your skid marks"
by baggers July 24, 2014
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A term used to describe a Gentleman who targets only ugly females on a night out.
"Tonight I'm going to be a Bog Hunter"
"That bird over there is a proper Bog, where's Simon he's a Bog Hunter"
by Madman Opus October 30, 2014
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