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1) to punch someone really hard and make a noise

2) to sleep with someone super hot
1) “He was giving me shit so I bofted him”
2) “Did you boft her bro!”
by Kianmullen October 29, 2017
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The act of sitting on a couch, lounge chair, bed etc. doing nothing productive with one's life. Bofting can also involve a gaming console, television, food, and total uselessness into play. It can also be done in groups, if your truly ambitious.
Duuuude, this weekend rocked, all I did was boft and watch the Jackass marathon.
by allysonowns October 16, 2007
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a term used for when sam and heather can’t tell where they stand
“it’s boft hours for sam and heather

“those crackheads cant make up their minds again”
by professional crackhead November 16, 2018
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The position of one's cock being slightly hard but not all the way there. A Soft Boner so to speak.

Often times you can associate this with a boring day dream during class.
Dude, I can't go up in front of class right now.

Why man, I dont understand.

I have been checking out Sarah all class, now I'm fighting a boft.
by SkateJerrySkate December 02, 2008
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British slang word meaning to do an absolutely rank bad full-on fart that is liable to blow up your underpants like a balloon
Cor, crikey Ken who on earth boft?
by MIB October 18, 2004
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BOFTS are a pair of big, giant breasts that spill out of the woman's bra, and shift in a flopping, up and down motion during moments of activity. Hence the name BOFTS, or Big Ole Floppy Titties.
- a quick side-note: BOFTS is most appropriately used as a question with an upward inflection at the end of the phrase i.e. "BOFTS?" this denotes the question "Does she have a nice rack?" or past tense "did she have a nice rack?"
Example A-

Dude: Where?
Man: Nowhere; I need them in my face, though.

Example B-
Man: I went balls deep in one of the bridesmaids last night
Dude: did she have BOFTS?
by LineSteppinSeel May 22, 2014
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