Body positivity is loving bodys no matter how they look. (disabled, obese, underweight, thick, thin, …)
Many people startet loving their body because of Body positivity.
by xxRin07 August 28, 2021
When you realise you're a lazy piece of shit and losing weight and living a healthy life isn't your cup of tea so you tell people that you've learnt to love yourself for who you are but you still seek validation from strangers by posting the pics of your flabs in a bikini.
-How's your weight loss coming along Linda?
-I am body positive now and men who don't appreciate my curves probably lack something downstairs.
by Saurabh August 25, 2018
"We used to encourage morbidly obese people to exercise and watch their diet, now we're supposed to smile and support their Body Positive Tumblr blog".
Healthy at Every Size Who are you kidding obese
by The Drifter Elias Sampson January 24, 2018
Accepting your body as it is and how it changes / develops. Celebrating what your body can do. While respecting and accepting other peoples bodies. Being supportive about all body types (shapes, sizes, forms, types etc.) without any prejudice.

The above applies to people of all genders, ages, ethnicities, sexual preferences, religions, and sexes.
T: "I love my curves, swerves, lumps & bump!"
S: "Wow T, you're so body positive" :)

E: "Ew! They're too thin! It's gross"
L: "You should be more body positive & respect people of all sizes!"

Too many companies are not body positive
by Miist January 1, 2020
it means if you have something you can not change you should be happy about it, such as scars missing limbs messed up body parts and etc not if you are fat.
oh, body positivity remember you can not change the size of your boobs.
A way many girls can post pictures of themselves showing off their body and not get judged for it because they're supposedly supporting a good cause (to be comfortable in your skin).
Amber -"Did you see Stacey's body positive pic last night ?"

Courtney - "yeah she's such a hoe"
by Hannah goldsby June 16, 2016
Accepting your body as it is and attempting to make everyone else feel comfortable in their own skin as well
"Karen is so awesome. I wonder how she's always so confident."

"It's because she supports body positivity."

"That's great! Loving yourself is the best way to go through life."
by Body-Positivity July 13, 2014