A group of the fucking best guys on Nantucket that go out on a boat every Sunday! They are required to drink many beers, spray urine, make fun of all you non-boat people assholes, and abide by a strict set of rules to ensure a very "waspy" boat day! Boat people rule!!!
Fat lady: What are boat people?
Boat people: We're like a fucking motorcycle gang on the water!
Everyone wants to be Boat People but only a select few make it!
by Beer, Beer, Beer August 20, 2016
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Refugees who have left a country by sea.
The Vietnamese boat people fled in small boats to Hong Kong, Australia, and elsewhere after the conquest of South Vietnam by North Vietnam in 1975.
by Mr. Robotron June 14, 2017
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Used to describe korean immigrants who use to migrate to America on boats, which was met with hostility as all immigrants usually from asia are... you may or may not remember a reality show on which a non-racist girl heatedly called a korean guy "a fresh off the boat f*cking korean immigrant." <--- bad woman.
Lordie, lordie Helena this place is filled with boat people, lets leave!
by Kimberly Jackson February 3, 2007
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ownership and/or having the ability to operate a boat.
you're not boat people, why would you even think about borrowing my boat?
by John Harrison October 8, 2004
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Putting a hard boner on one's wet mouth.
"... now that I'm a grown man I think that you, the Wiggles and Scooby Doo all blow boat people, and by that I mean you put hard boners on your wet mouth.'
by Jyri December 7, 2008
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Verb: The act of inserted wet hard boners into your mouth.
Matthes you blow boat people at nhl 11!

My friend blows boat people faaa days!
by Jason Effertz July 14, 2011
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