Hell on earth. A town in Scotland which Mordor from Lord Of The Rings was based on. The town is populated by the scum of the Earth, e.g. Jakies, Junkies, tinks, bums, tramps, crackheads, Emos and people who make/watch Scat. Bo'ness is the reason why Hitler didn't invade Britain. Real name is Borrowstoneness, but the people who live there are illiterate, therefore unable to spell that.
Retard - "Shit man, it's gonna take 3 hours to get to Grangemouth that way, why don't we just go through Bo'ness?"

Sensible guy - *Blows retard's head off*
by Merryweather April 2, 2006
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Bo'ness people can't be that illiterate since we can actually spell borrowstounness.
If you are going to insult people about not being able to spell the Town name then at least spell it properly 😅
Borrowstounness aka Bo'ness

It's all in the spelling 🙃
Good wee town and good people
by Undefinedbyyou November 23, 2021
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A term of endearment used to describe a young gentleman who originates from Bo'ness and has a reputation for being hard as nails.

Often detectable by his Bo'ness United football shirt, body piercings and beasting tattoos.

This rare breed of man lives 'without fear' and has a penchant for red wine.

Woman 1: "I got chucked, the other week, by that guy from Bo'ness."

Woman 2: "Why?"

Woman 1: "Said I couldn't shift in the bed so, I had to go."

Woman 2: "What can I say? That's what you get for getting involved with one of those Bo'ness Bad Boys."
by foylc November 17, 2009
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