A life-altering, extremely messed up mistake, usually referred to in jest, but in actuality, quite serious.
Man, getting totally fucked up last night, jumping off a bridge, breaking every bone in my body and ensuring myself a life of paralysis was a mightily defunct blunderbus.
by Vocalsmoothie February 20, 2011
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A charabanc for bastards.
Agent 1: Look, here comes our ride.
Agent 2: Man, that's the blunderbus. Weren't your parents married?
Agent 1: Oops! My bad!
by TheNix November 05, 2010
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Comes from the base of flooding the cave, but after peeing in the butt she farts it right back atcha like a golden shower
my gf wanted me to flood her cave but then she golden blunderbus'd me and ruined the sheets
by TheBastard Sun March 26, 2015
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