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Another rendition of the word blah, but more fun to say. Exchanging the a to a u just makes the word kinda plop out of your mouth when you open it, giving it a nice bluuuuh kinda sound. Bluh can also be used with additions of exclamation points, carrots, and my favorite, the money sign. eg. bluh! bluh^ bluh$
Bluh, I don't wanna do my homework.
by kjay April 02, 2003

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finding out the background, or resume, using the google search engine
This guy asked me out and before I met him, I checked out his googlemé
by kjay February 24, 2005

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a cleft or dimple that some people have in their chin
That guy would be a lot cuter if not for the chinple he's sporting.
by kjay February 24, 2005

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