(n.) pertaining to Modern Warfare 2, one with a specific playstyle who utilizes flanking maneuvers to surprise opponents and dispatch them via knife. Synonomous with blue tiger.
Alex: "dude i was playin Cod on rust and i was rapin the n00b i was goin marlon, like blue-tiger shit. tac-knifin those noooobs wile they just like fucking noob tubed and g18 like l33t b1tch3s fo 5h1t#$ @ !!!!"

Mike: "ohh ya, you deserve an LJ"
by Bluetiger July 10, 2010
A muslim man who stuffs his nose into a camels ass while jacking off to a image of muhammed
Did you see that towel head doing a blue tiger at the zoo?
by herp de derp September 10, 2013
In Chinese, to speak garbage or bullshit.
Don't tiger-blue me!
by Yangky Bear May 20, 2008