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The depressed stage in an artist's work. Work from a period in which the artist was depressed.
"These are my sunflowers, this is my bunny and those pictures of me slitting my wrists... those are from my blue period"
by luke skyballer October 05, 2009
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similar to a blue moon (two full moons in the same calendar month), two menstruation periods in the same calendar month.
a blue period is having a menstrual cycle on days 1-8 and 29-4, of the calendar month
by aquadump October 04, 2009
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The second period in a month by a woman, named after the "blue moon."
Jeff: Dude, I think she's on her period.
John: Wasn't she on it earlier this month?
Jeff: Uh huh, looks like a blue period.
by Psychx October 22, 2012
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