A shooting game created by NEXON Corp. Korea. This game is amazing! It has 58 students (currently) and can be recruited by you. There is also "cafe" and "lesson" option where you can improve affection with the students. After that, you can view their story in Momo Chatbox. The main task is to set balance in Kivotos by completing missions, story, etc. If you enjoy light-hearted, fun-filled, storyline games... this is a good choice. Also, this game is supposed to have an anime released soon.
*Two guys playing Blue Archive*

Guy 1: Whoa dude! I recruited Momoi, she is really strong and has a unique gaming girl personality.
Guy 2: Wow, man! I recruited Tsubaki and she is strong on defending the entire team by her own. Also, a sleepyhead.
by LaserImouto February 19, 2022
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Blue Archive is a mobile game that was developed by NAT Games, a subsidiary of South Korean game company Nexon. It's a free to play game with gacha mechanics.

The game also makes a Discord mod say: :Sob: emoji, seggs,

“When the submarines in Azur Lane wasn’t enough and you have a thing for angel students.” ~ Tomorrow,
Friend: What's your reaction when someone says does Blue Archive
Some Discord mod: :sob:
by bushmantrash March 19, 2022
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