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Like blue balls, but in music.
When you listen to a song that keeps building up but never climaxes.
"I was listening to Eko by Fluke and it left me with blue ears."
by Bitter asshole October 03, 2012
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Starting a sentence or topic of sorts and either not finishing it or being overly cryptic. Similar to blue balling but relating to your sense of hearing rather than being cut off from a euphoric feeling in your genitals.
Guy 1: Yeah I know right? Like have you heard about the time when Marquese was out with Axel and they total...
Girl 1: HEY! It's time to go! We'll be late!
Guy 1: Okay! Ummm... I'll finish the story later dude...
Guy 2: Cmooooon! You legit loving blue earing me don't you!
by Tenchy January 29, 2018
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