Also known as the blue Hawaiian Punch (Polar Blast).
"Hey, can you bring me a glass of some Blue stuff"
by MSF. January 11, 2020
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The best of the best. Slang inspired by AMC's "Breaking Bad", in which the main characters Walt and Jesse make the most pure crystal meth around and due to the chemical formula of the substance, it is colored blue.
You gonna try out that new burger place in town? Their burgers are the blue stuff.
by nothere413 June 16, 2010
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Blue Meth. (from the TV-Show Breaking Bad -used by Jessie Pinkman)
Yo hook me up with some of them blue stuff.
by officialZdawg December 27, 2016
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an expression used to hide something to which you dont want others to know, such as being a homosexual
Fred keeps chucking the blue stuff under the sink, we all know he's gay
by got junk August 2, 2012
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