AKA Faucon Bleu
1. A diamond in the ruff
2. A little strip club in the Great White North that happens to be the best place on Earth
Rob: What are we doing tonight guys?
Jed: Going to the bars?
Morgan: Nah too expensive.
Dave: And too many dudes.
All: Looks like we're going back to Falcon Blue!!!
by Robert Eh from South Canadia February 24, 2005
National Guard, Reserves and mos-t's at 35T school fort Huachuca, AZ.
Guard: Im national guard!
active duty: you're a blue falcon!
by thaonfga April 24, 2017
Senator Joe Manchin(Blue Falcon). "Parents might buy drugs with monthly child tax credit payments instead of providing for their kids."
by MaseratiManchin December 20, 2021
The act of getting emotionally and romantically invested in one of your high school teachers, can also be used as the code-name for said teacher.
"I heard Cheyenne Blue Falconed the new biology teacher"
"So me and Blue Falcon met after class and 'talked' about my 'quiz', he might be willing to change it."
by Jett_Fart August 25, 2015
When you take your wife to a restaurant with a large group and you end up sitting apart from each other. Then the waiter shows up, completely over booked and takes your wife’s order but she completely doesn’t give two craps about you or your order. She doesn’t even ask you, like you’re not even there with her. So now you’re waiting till the restaurant closes before you even get your food.
What the hell, how did she get her food already? “Babe, did you order for me? What do you mean no?” Man, my wife is such a BLUE FALCON!!
by FSDII October 16, 2021