the bruising of the sphinkter as a result of getting fucked up the ass
Oh, Suzy, I know how you feel! Don't it make you brown eye blue when your honey fucks ya up the booty?
by none of your fucking business November 18, 2003
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toby has the prettiest blue eyes ever its not even funny :/ best way to describe them is if you gathered everything blue on planet earth and just mixed it in a pot, thats how blue his eyes are. beautiful.
bella: yo have you seen toby downs’s blue eyes?
literally everyone ever: yeah they’re really pretty
toby: lol no they’re not
bella: shut up toby yes they are
by bellakens October 26, 2020
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Eyes that are blue and doesn't really effect anything else (pls note that I also have blue eyes and I'm not saying this out of jealousy)
Idiot:If you have blue eyes you are more *something* then people with brown eyes
Me: y tho
by Honest Nigga June 25, 2017
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An extremely overrated eye color. It's very beautiful but sometimes gets too many compliments. 8-10% people worldwide have blue eyes.
Eyes blue, like the Atlantic, and I'm going down, like the Titanic
Linda: That guy is so cute, look at his baby blue eyes!
Sophie: *grumbles*
by trulyali November 23, 2021
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The act of spoiling a major plot point for a friend in a tv series or movie.
*days before the episode was scheduled to air but someone saw a leaked episode* “Holy shit Game of a thrones made a Blue Eyes White Dragon
by Detective Handy December 20, 2021
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I wonder if they were originally brown? Perhaps not --- according to her biography, she and Hubby have been married for many years and get along quite well, so presumably she's never had much occasion to have her significant other cause her to "cry her brown eyes blue".
I could never quite understand how the song "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" made much sense, since Crystal Gayle already has blue eyes.
by QuacksO May 23, 2020
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