To rub ones fat chin vigorously for their self pleasure

Or used as an insult to get a fat lard to shut up
Jake 'chubbed his blub in front of the whole school to cope with his exams'

Chub your blub
by Jami e June 26, 2016
the almighty wondrous reverse mermaid prince blub-blub the sweet cinnamon roll just wants to help but everyone's afraid and disgusted by him
girl 1: is prince blub-blub ok?
girl 2: why would you care he's a monster
girl 1: no he's not...
by prince blub-blub's creator October 16, 2017
The amazing reverse merman prince who will ONE DAY RISE MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER
guy1 :yo did you hear about prince blub-blub on the news i heard-

guy 2:shhh dont udder his name
by prince blubs October 16, 2017