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When a girl is about to give you a blow job and all of a sudden, out of your own stupidity, you say or do something that makes her angry or ruins the mood and she ceases all blowing activity. This is not to be confused with some unforeseen events like an earthquake or a tornado occurring while you are about to be given a blowjob; unfortunate as it may be, it is not a blown job.
Greg: Hey man, how'd it go with Ashley last night?

Caleb: I accidentally called her Stacy, and I ended up getting a blown job.

Greg: Sucks... well, you wouldn't know.
by TheDaveTrain April 15, 2011
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What happens when the lucky girl giving you oral pleasure doesnt swallow and instead lets you soil your clothes and underpants in your own delight.
Frank: You went out in the parking lot?
Cody: Yeah it was good! But I couldnt go back into the club after that blown job. I was a mess!
by Isllslp July 10, 2007
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a job, usually done with this, that fails or does not work out as planned. Not to be confused with a blow job. A blown job can cause alot of problems for the person(s) who contracted the work.
Don't take a job unless you are going to do it right. A blown job can be disasterous.
by nick May 05, 2005
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