-Oral sex
That results in the receiver to have their mind blown away because of the tremendous satisfaction received from the act
dude #1: how was your date with veronica?
dude #2: I told her "I'll rock your world if you blow my mind" She took the offer .... last night was awwwesommmmme!!
by secretadmirer2 June 10, 2010
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It's an awesome action, or maybe it's amazing news, or something that makes your mind explode (in a positive way, of course).
Person1: Hey, did you hear that? She has jumped on a broken parachute, but she's alive!

Person2: WOW, you blow my mind!
by M4LF0Y March 14, 2018
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a term used to describe the simple action of blowing. In this form, the object being blown is the mind
Horny Guy: Hey will you blow me?
Shy Quiet Girl: No....I'd rather YOU blow my mind *deep seductive voice*
by The Moobs March 4, 2008
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