Computer modeled objects manufactured out of blown goo, often cuddley and almost always ergonomic.
imac, all the new toothbrushes out there, playstation controllers, and most digital cameras and cell phones,
by john mittner September 12, 2003

Designed object styled by an expired trend of morally turpid purpose. FORM-OVER-FUNCTION-and-PURPOSE. Endemic if not emblematic of the Bush/Chenney era of 'Bubble' economies and baseless wars. This style came about without deep reazoning, solely because it could by way of technology. Conceived under the false and misguided precept that "design could bring stories to life".

Characterized by the advent of faster rendering and 3D applications which allowed to execute visions of the 50's modernity, except with out the inherent reasoning that makes timeless useful classics and trully beautiful objects. Like a bubble, this style has gone bust.

Blobject also invokes the bloated state of our environment whence humans keep on gorging on superficially conceived stuff and piling that useless stuff on top of useless stuff. Blobjects upon blobjects..
"I bought those expensively re-styled new Birkenstocks and they turned out to be more useless, pretentious blobjects".
by Karbon April 27, 2009
The act or process of creating, designing and imagining "Blobjects", physically, mentally, spiritually or musically.
The main "blobjective of this project is to create a refined and incredibly well thought out solution to these blobjects.

Creating new blobjects is our "blobjective."
by KH8 June 11, 2010